Consumer Behaviour


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December 12th, 2010

Submitted by:

Sara Tariq - 5998

Asma Haroon - 6486

Mariam Effendi - 9132

Submitted to:

Ms. Aliya Hassan




Our term project for the class of consumer behavior fall 2010, entitled “social class, culture and its influence on consumer behavior which was assigned to us by Ms. Aliya Hassan who acted as, project adviser was thoughtful enough to provide us her precious time for which we are obliged and thankful. It will not be out of place to mention that Ms. Aliya Hassan gave us very useful suggestions in our project and for which we are grateful to her from the core of our heart.

Letter of Transmittal

December   6th, 2010

Ms. Aliya Hassan
IoBM, Karachi

Respected teacher,

We are submitting herewith our report entitled “social class, culture and its influence on consumer behavior, as partial fulfillment of the consumer behavior fall 2010 course requirement.

The main purpose of this report is to learn about the importance of culture, sub culture and social class in consumer behavior and to master a set of concepts on how to avoid making cross cultural marketing mistakes. This report shows a detail of the imperativeness of the culture and social class in the study of consumer behavior and the results of poor cross cultural awareness.

We hope that this report will merit your approval.

Respectfully yours,

Asma Haroon
Sara Tarik
Mariam Effendi



Culture and Subculture 10

  Dealing with culture 11

  Warning about stereotyping 12

  Cultural lessons 12

  Cultural characteristics as a continuum 13

  Hofstede Dimensions 13

  • Individualism vs. collectivism: 13

  • Power distance: 14

  • Masculinity vs. femininity: 14

  • Uncertainty avoidance: 14

  High vs. Low context cultures: 14

  Ethnocentrism and the self-reference...