Construction and the Built Environment

The Building Team
Quantity Surveyor –
A Quantity Surveyor job role involves managing all expenses with regards to building
projects; these costs involve any figures from the initial calculations to the final
figures of the project. Quantity Surveyors try to reduce all of the costs during the
project and achieve better value for money while still adhering to the specified
standards and quality of the items.
Although responsibilities can sometimes vary depending on the nature of the project,
typical day-to-day responsibilities can include things such as:

Preparing tender and contract documents, including bills of quantities with the
architect and/or client
Undertaking cost analysis for repair and maintenance project work
Valuing completed work and arranging payments
Allocating work to sub-contactors
Performing risk, value management and cost control

The quantity surveyor forms part of the client’s team. They should possess good
communication skills as they are responsible for interacting with the clients and other
professionals such as the architect and engineer. This type of communication will
usually take place in the form of meetings or via written statements and is usually to
discuss matters that are involved on site. Communication between the quantity
surveyor and the architect is extremely important and should be frequent throughout
the whole construction process, especially the design stage. The dynamics of
communication between the quantity surveyor and architect could affect the
accuracy of early stage estimates.
Managing Director –
The Managing Director serves as a member of senior management whose visual
implementation is relied upon. The Managing Director is generally responsible for
operational responsibility. The Director is usually the main contact for the project and
fully accountable for the overall performance of the project, including cost, quality
and programme.
As a Managing Director,...