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Growing up in Paris it is very rare to have bigger dogs as pets because most people live in apartment buildings. Most all of the apartments in Paris are without yards so there is limited space to let dogs run freely and frequently. However it is very common for a French family to own small house dogs. When I was young my mother bought our family a small puppy, which was mainly intended for my sister. I didn’t care for the puppy as much in the beginning seeing as it was a half Chihuahua half Pomeranian. I always had thought of Chihuahuas and Pomeranians as more of a female type of a dog that a young girl would want. However the puppy surprised me with his intelligence and friendly behavior and I soon grew to love the puppy as much as my younger sister did.
My family and I named the puppy Louis, after my grandfather who recently passed away.   Louis soon became part of the family and everyone adored him very much, including myself. Every morning my mother or my sister would take Louis for a   walk around the park next to where I lived. In the evenings I took the chance to take Louis for walks around the park. It was a great way to escape the day and enjoy the fresh cool air in the evenings. Many people would come up to me and ask what Louis’s name was, and compliment me on what a “cute” dog he was. The elderly French women around my neighborhood especially loved Louis and would always ask to pet him, and of course I would let them. Louis was always happy to be around people, and he was extra happy when he was fed extra treats.
As the years went on my love for Louis grew very much and I realized what great dogs Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are. Due to their small size they don’t take too much care, only attention and the occasional walk. Louis was a short haired mix so it did not shed all around the apartment like most dogs do, which my mother was very happy about. These dogs are known to be entered into dog beauty contest and are often used...