Conflict Is Bad

“Conflict brings out the worst qualities in human nature”
Encountering Conflict
1.  Conflict forces us to face reality.
2.  Conflict brings out the worst qualities in human nature.
3.  Conflict can only lead to despair.
4.  Our attitude to conflict influences our response to it.
Exploring Issues of Identity & Belonging
1.   Belonging is essential to our identity, but it can come at a cost.
2.   It is when we feel that we belong that we discover who we really are.
3.   Conforming to the needs of a group will stifle your true identity.
4.   Fear of failure or rejection has a powerful impact on relationships and a
      sense of self.
Whose Reality?
1. We need the perspective of others to understand our own reality.
2. Our memories determine who we are; without them we are nothing.
3.   It’s always best to face reality honestly.
4.   Without dreams we would never improve our current reality.
Conflict can bring out the best and worst side of people, being is such stressful or demeaning situations the feeling of hope or fear attends to appear. In The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif, conflict is the main theme in the book and observing the way Najaf gives himself hope when in woomera struggling to understand how he is going to survive. The man Frank Lowry who was trapped in a detention camp working his way out of the danger he was now found himself owning Westfield shopping centres. These 2 characters having to relate to conflict, shows they were both on a situation of mental strength and hope to make a better living and in away from a near death situation.