The purpose of this activity was so that we could use Spanish in our everyday life. To complete this activity I spoke to my mom for an hour in Spanish. I’m very lucky that she knows Spanish and she is somewhat fluent in it and we both have a lot of fun doing it. Then I listened to Spanish music for about half an hour, this was a decent activity, but it was hard because the songs were fast and hard to follow, but I liked the beat and the parts I understood were really good. Finally to finish my Conexiones I watched the movie Pan’s Labyrinth. This movie is really good and Conexiones was good excuse for why I needed two hours to watch the movie. However, if I recall correctly I chose pretty much the same activities as I did last year.
I chose to do the same activities because I feel that these are the best to help my comprehension of the Spanish language. I was able to notice my improvement in the activities that I chose to do again. When I was speaking with my mom my sentences were more complete and more complex, but not always correct and I would take a second to think about what I was to say. With the music I actually was able to understand some of the faster songs which was a huge improvement from last year and this allowed me to be able to enjoy some of the music that I listened to. With the movie Pan’s Labyrinth I realized that I didn’t need to look at the subtitles unless there was a word that I had not been taught and so usually I would need to look at the subtitles and I would be able to check my Spanish and usually I was correct.
I think after completing the activities I did that there were a few similarities between Spanish and American culture. I felt that the music had the most similarities such as, the beat would sometimes sound the same and the songs usually seemed to be about what the majority of our songs are. A lot of our songs are about love or meeting the “one” and it seemed that the majority of their songs were about love. Between our movies...