Cone Crusher

well known, cone crusher can be widely used in the metallurgical industry Stone Crusher In Rajasthan, building materials industry, road building industry, chemical industry and silicate industry for crushing medium and medium hardness of various minerals and rocks. So its installation and use and maintenance is very important.
production to normal functioning after my company's technical staff to guide installation guide cone crusher, at this time, our technical instructors will inform the cone crusher in the course as well as replacement parts in the process should be noted matters. Today, we explain in detail how these considerations, only by understanding how these considerations, the actual production operation process, you will be more aware of these details. In accordance with the considerations related to operation, you can make your crusher equipment is durable, rarely fails. Let's Begin.
spring cone crusher precautions when using:
1, ore crusher maximum size of   le; 85% to the mine mouth size, otherwise it will lead to lower production crusher, cone crusher damage to some parts. work
2, crusher work should always check the locking system of pressure and hydraulic stations, detection and timely treatment issues.
3, cone crusher ore must be assigned work in the middle of the disk, in order to prevent the crusher overload, making liner wear unevenly, not allow direct loading the ore crushing cavity. The right to mine conditions are: ore distribution plate uniformly dispersed in the crushing cavity, to the ore can not be higher than the level of rolling acetabular wall.
4, crushers do not load starting, in order to avoid accidents Stone Crusher In Maharashtra.
5, stop, you must first stop to the mining machine, and let the ore has been crushed into the crushing chamber after discharge, crusher parking. Exposed rotating part
6, machine shield should be added.