Compensation Plan

InterClean Sales Team Compensation Plan

Proposal to:   Janet Durham, Vice President of Human Resources
Other Human Resources Managers

From:   Brenda Knox, Midlevel Sales Manager

Re:   Proposed Compensation Plan for new InterClean Sales Team

      The success of the merger between InterClean and EnviroTech depends on communicating and implementing a compensation system that addresses the needs of both the former EnviroTech and the InterClean sales personnel.   This proposal outlines the organizational reward system I recommend InterClean adopt for the new sales teams.   It is imperative that the perception of the compensation and benefits package be fair and equitable by team members.   This proposal includes a brief synopsis of the pay systems currently used to compensate my team members, and the components of my proposed pay-for-performance system and why I believe it will be effective.   An objective of the compensation package is to motivate my team to reach peak performance while accomplishing InterClean’s strategic goals.   My plan provides significant benefits to both the individual employee and to InterClean.   Cascio (2006) asserts “pay for performance is the new mantra (p. 415)” and I encourage InterClean to adopt and embrace this philosophy of adopting programs to motivate employees and reward performance.
My team is six members, not including myself, Susan Burnt, Shane Huck, and Dennis White are from Interclean and classified as sales representatives.   They are paid on a straight commission.   Eric Borden and Ving Hsu are senior sales specialists from EnviroTech and they are paid a base salary and eligible for the sales bonus program.   Tom Gonzalez is a sales manager from EnviroTech and is paid a base salary and eligible for the sales bonus program.   My proposal includes offering my team members a base salary with an ability to supplement base salary with both team and individual bonus awards.   I reviewed base salary information published by the...