Comparing and Contrasting Abstract Expressionism and Realism

Art 101: Art Appreciation
Assignment 7.1: Essay Comparing and Contrasting Abstract Expressionism and Realism
Professor Daniel Anguaino
May 15, 2012
Jones International University
Sherri Montgomery

Abstract Expressionism is based on personal experience and emotions. Painters of this movement favored loose brushwork, large canvases and dramatic colors.
Abstract Expressionists just sling, smear, slather and drip paint onto the canvas. They use brilliant colors and amorphous shapes.
Realism is more about being accurate, detailed depiction of contemporary life or nature. This movement favors observation of physical appearance rather than imagination or idealization.
Realism painters use real scenes to paint and different colors and shapes.
Below are some paintings of Abstract Expressionism

The lines in these paintings are all mostly bold and harsh. The light appears to be bright and surrounds the paintings. The colors are dramatic and mostly reds, yellows and oranges with some light blue. The composition appears to be three-dimensional.   The shape and form of these paintings are amorphous . The space is all used and draws the viewer’s attention to the whole painting.   Balance in these is in the way the artist uses the colors in each painting to balance it out. Rhythm is in the shapes and colors used in each one.   Proportion is how each painted has used the colors the main part of their painting. Dominance is the dramatic colors and amorphous shapes. Unity is how the colors, shapes and lines draw it all together.
Below are some Realism paintings


The lines in these paintings are smooth and soft. The colors are mostly greens, beige, tans with a touch of blues. The light in each painting is bright and surrounds the whole painting. The space is filled with different things. The composition is both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. The shape and form in each painting is in the people and how they are painted....