Compare and Contrast Essay

Comparison and Contrast Essay

Home is where my heart is

Looking to the sky as I swung on the swing set I would look into the two enormous trees filled with beautiful leaves. Next to me was my little brother looking towards our family home in a daze. A house that had a covered deck that was built by my father and even with the deck there was still plenty of room to play a game of baseball or set up a swimming pool in the backyard. There was also a basketball hoop set up in front of the driveway where there was still grass; it was too close to the neighbor’s fence because we always had to go retrieve the balls from their yard.
My childhood home was white with blue trim around the door and windows. It was not a large home and only had a main floor and a basement. Looking back I can’t believe all six members of my family lived there at one point. The first thing to see when walking into the home is the living room covered in wood paneling that my mother loved. The living room had a large doorway leading into the dining room connected to the kitchen, a kitchen full of cabinets in a dark cherry color. In the corner of the kitchen there were the stairs that led to the basement. The basement starts with a very large room that my dad used to have large train set tables and a racquetball table in when we were all younger. The laundry room and two bedrooms were down there also plus the two rooms upstairs, so my little brother and I always shared a room growing up in a family of six with only a four bedroom house.
From childhood to adulthood we always have needs and we all have wants, the house I grew up in fulfilled my needs and I look forward to one day having that house that fulfills my needs and wants. My dream house is something I have always dreamt about and it even inspired me to look into being an interior decorator or architect. I have a pure passion for detail when it comes to my home. When I picture my dream home I imagine a two story home with rooms...