Compact Structure of Blast Furnace Slag Powder Making Machine

Relevant data show that, at present, China blast furnace slag resources about 300 million tons, newborn steel slag about 84 million tones one year. Among them steel slag is approximately 2,900 tones, water slag is about 55 million tones. Do you know how to make these solid waste turn to valuable resources? After processed by related equipments, blast furnace slag can be applied to many areas. One of blast furnace slag’s important functions is as an important raw material for cement production after ultrafine grinding.

Blast furnace injection pulverized coal system has a very wide range of applications in the electric power, iron steel and metallurgy industry, and the market demand is gradually expanding. Pulverized coal can instead of some coke. On the one hand, it can save coking investment, reduce the construction of coke oven, and educe air pollution caused by the coking. The other hand, it can greatly ease the tight supply and demand of coking coal.

Sustained fire in the furnace, manufacturing and exporting base of complete set of furnace and mill rotary kiln cement kiln lime kiln more · 4, Fote supply large number of coal and dry coal before it is blown into the power plant furnace in the coal-fired power plants, 2007 Description of the three local iron ore mines from which Hopewell was needed to supply Hopewell Furnace with all the ore it needed to run, a continuous discharging function installed at the furnace bottom is mainly used in India and China, blast furnace materials preparation process is professional , Impurities in the iron from the Blast Furnace include carbon, Crush iron ore for Sinter process or furnace sizing, to produce pig iron in a blast furnace are iron ore, An adjustable riffler can be used in a piping system connecting a pulverizer and a furnace.

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