10COMMERCE2- April Diego Mrs Davidson
Hi, as you all know me im april diego. And im hear to tell you about how i purchased honda civic car. I am 20 years old and I am currently working retail at myer westpoint blacktown as a part time job for alittle bit of that extra cash that im saving up. I studied in Clare Catholic High School from year 7-10 and Loyola senior from 11-12. So all in all im a proud catholic. As one of my achievements i passed my School Certificate by getting an average of band 5s. I also Passed my HSC with an ATAR of %96.04.I got my Learners licence at the exact age of 16, and i passed my first and only test, afterwards i achieved my red Ps and passed that over a year, and then got my red Ps and passed over my 3 years of driving. So by the age of 20, i got my full licence. For my job,
I earn about $15 an hour and work 18 hours a week part time.So fortnightly, i get paid $540. I also get the government benifit youth allowance for university students which is about $220 a week. So all in all i get paid $980 per fortnight for my savings.
Its my second year of maquarie university currently taking up a medicine course to become a professional doctor.It usually takes 11 years to become a doctor; 4 years of university, 4 years of medical school and 3 years working in a hospital. I am not the biggest achiever, but i know i tried my hardest to get at this stage that im in now. I have chosen to study medicine becuase im very interested in helping out the sick, saving lives, blood and all things to do with the human body.
I just love to study biology.Being a doctor gives you alot of respect from other people, seeing as you save peoples lives and make them better, they adore your work and all look up to you. Another benifit of becoming a doctor is that you get paid alot, as a Consultant your Approximate Basic Salary $115 – 200,000.
This year, Im planning to buy my own second hand car so i wont have to ask my parents to drive me to maquarie...