Coming Anarchy

In today’s world, environmental changes influence every society, even are the main cause of conflict. First, to understand the future of our military service we should attempt to analyze the environmental scarcity.   This element has termed the national security issue of the twenty first century, reflected in cultural and racial clash, geographic destiny and the transformation of war. Let’s look at the how environmental changes are the causes of conflict. The surging populations, spreading disease, deforestation and soil erosion which lead to air pollution and water depletion, tend to cause conflicts.
Homer-Dixon (1991) in his article points out that future wars and civil violence will often arise from environmental related scarcities. These environmentally driven wars cause refugee flows and the formation of hard regimes in those countries are threatened by declining resources which will inflame existing hatreds and affect power relationships. These calls for strengthened military support in the affected areas are centered in under developed countries in Africa. The increased population in this country tends to augment other major issues like increased rate of crime, where the military service comes in to control the situation and stabilize the nation.
In his thesis, Kaplan (1994), brings to our attention to environmental disputes that are likely to fuse with both ethnic and historical disputes to cause international insecurity.   As the world moves from nation-state conflict to ideological conflict and to cultural conflict, the refugee flows will rise and this will mean the loss of meaning for national borders will mean less and eventually fade. Power, on the other hand, will end up falling in the wrong hands of less educated people or unsophisticated groups whose main focus is on culture and tribe. The military will be weakened by the existing cultural disputes regardless to any existing laws of the land. These will have the effect as these cultures get stronger...