Columbus Argument Thought Paper

Tucker Hughes
ENG 301
Mrs. Sturm
September 12, 2014
Thought Paper 1
Columbus says that these people, sounds like men to me, brought his men and him equipment that they may have needed. The men had no clothes on while the mothers pierced them. These men happened to be good looking men. They seemed to have everything a man should have. The hair of the men wasn’t conditioned hair. It was unpolished to a point. No long hair existed with these men, but they had it dangling over their faces. Columbus said, only a couple pieces hung behind at a very long length. These men were of different color. Usually men are black or white. That’s the usual color of a human being. Columbus showed them armor and they cut themselves with it.
I’m more in the middle of this conclusion. I like some things Columbus comes up with, but I also disagree with things. He said they were good servants. I agree with this due to the fact that the men brought them goods that they might need. If they were to get into a battle they would be well equipped because of these men. Quick intelligence comes true to this as well. Knowing that Columbus and his crew might need equipment for battle they were able to provide it to them. The argument doesn’t say that, but from my opinion I infer that. When talking about the Christianity part of things, I do believe Columbus can turn these men into Christians.
I believe everyone can be turned into Christians. At some point in time it can happen. All it takes is one person to spark a change. Columbus comes up with these men having no doctrine or system. I can’t really see that through his argument. I believe that could go both ways. However, if he is correct then he can change them into becoming Christians. The historical consequences are the Americas were found. Native Americans population were affected in a negative way. From my knowledge of history, Columbus had more historical consequences. Americans brought with them food supplies like corn. During this time...