Code of Ethics

CheckPoint:   Code of Ethics
BUS 210
March 16, 2012

CheckPoint:   Code of Ethics
The code of ethics for any company is a very important document as it is the policy that will protect all the stakeholders in that business.   The code of ethics for my business deals with the healthcare system.   There are special rules and laws that must be maintained when working in the healthcare field.  
All Staff will adhere to rules of confidentiality of all records or knowledge in the treatment of the client in accordance with all federal regulations.   I chose this because confidentiality is very important in any healthcare business as there are laws protecting people’s rights to privacy, which this is a moral rights rule (Jones, 2007).
All staff will follow the code of ethics as licensed in the State of Ohio.   Rate of pay will be based on their licensure status and experience.     This is regarding the occupational rights rule (Jones, 2007).
All clients will be treated with respect and all cultural differences will be taken into consideration, within federal rules and regulations.   I believe this is an important as there would be no business without the clients and there are laws to protect against discrimination.  
This is an equal opportunity employer.   There will be no discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation.     This is a basic right of all people to be treated fairly and there are laws that govern diversity and protect this right (Jones, 2007).
Finally, this code of ethics will be given to each new employee and a signed copy will be kept in each employee’s file.   Any breach of this code of ethics will be grounds for dismissal.   This is a way to protect the business from being taken to court by an employee who says they did not receive the code of ethics at the beginning of their employment.  
A good code of ethics will help any business to be successful in the long run.
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