Coastal Boneyard

Coastal Boneyard Site in Wichita
This potential contamination is still under review and is being closely monitored by El Paso Merchant Energy-Petroleum Company. The contamination occurred at East 29th St. N. and North St. Francis Ave. in Wichita, Kansas. This is known as the Coastal Boneyard Site of Wichita and is under agreement to be closely monitored for long term arrangements. Contamination at the Site was identified in 1984 during an investigation conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey. During several more surveys in Fall 2008 trichloroethene was detected in an on-site monitoring well. Later investigations conducted that the site vicinity may be a potential source of chlorinated solvent and petroleum hydrocarbon-related contamination. The January 2010 reports identified elevated concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbon-related chemicals and chlorinated solvents in the site vicinity.
These findings have been ongoing since early 2007 when the letter agreements between the State of Kansas Department of Health and Environment and El Paso to further collect soil and groundwater samples. In October 2010, KDHE issued the Final Agency Decision Statement for the Coastal Boneyard Site. The ADS requires El Paso to develop and implement a long-term groundwater monitoring program, develop and implement a soil waste management plan, and establish Environmental Use Controls for the property. KDHE received application to the Environmental Use Control Program on January 6, 2011. Long-term groundwater monitoring is underway at the site, therefore it is a continuous case and has not been completely resolved.
I had trouble locating the source of the contamination, but the El Paso group seems to be the responsible party for whatever reason. I think since this site is in industrial landscape the levels of contamination are acceptable for the current usage of the surrounding land. It never talked about cleanup, costs incurred, but it went into detail about further contamination...