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In this passage taken from Plutarch's account what was Antony's feelings towards Cleopatra after learning her betrayal? This isn't the question set   - always put the actual thing at the hea dof your answer – it helps keep your focus

Antony was so outraged that Cleopatra betrayed him in the end after he had done everything for her and Cleopatra on the other hand was terrified by Antony's fury that she retreated herself and sent a message for Antony that she was dead. Even here Cleopatra still deceived Antony for creating a story about her death while in fact she was still alive at that time.   Antony who was true to the end believed that the very woman whom he had given up his manhood and the only reason and desire to live for had left him not knowing that at that time Cleopatra was not dead. So Antony upon hearing Cleopatra's death he then took his own life. He died a broken man. He lost his capabability of being a good leader and a fighter. All of this is true enough but it is rather summarising the extract – instead follow the Guidance and try to pick out key words or phrases and comment on them . So you might, for instance, pick out 'The queen' – this reminds us that the Romans despised kingship and so is one more way of denigrating Cleopatra

Antony and Cleopatra's relationship was somewhat turbulent, full of intrigue and deception especially on Cleopatra's part. Antony was completely corrupted by her that (whenever   his mood was serious or gay she could always made him laughed or charmed him.This text is taken from the passage during the tutorial evening). Yes but you need more of a reference – or perhaps to use one of the passages quoted in the chapter as these will be in front of you

Antony and Cleopatra as leaders: How did their behaviour affect their ability as leaders? You are trying to follow the Notes here but don't ask lots of questions as sub-headings – work these into the essay as sentences which start off a...