To what extent do Roman depictions of Cleopatra appear to have influenced how she has been depicted on TV and in film?

    1. How did the Romans depict Cleopatra?

    2. Octavians depiction

    3. Images of Cleopatra in the films – are they consistent with how the Romans portrayed her?

    4. What depictions, if any, seem different to how the Romans depicted her?

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Called Egyptians – "rabble" "natives of Alexandria" – "worship reptiles and beasts as gods" "not ruled by a man but slaves of a woman"

There was no way on earth Roman soldiers would serve under a woman.

She has apparently turned Anthony against his Roman roots "has abandoned his whole ancestral way of life....."

Apparently Anthony is under some sort of spell – besotted by Cleopatra and willing to do anything for her "he is bewitched by that accursed woman...."

Has gone to war against his own country because Cleopatra more or less told him to.......

Anthony has abandoned his own country in favour of Egypt as Cleopatra helped finance his wars in the past.....

Allies with Cleopatra against Rome.

Can no longer consider himself a warrior – has been pampered by a life of luxury and opulence.

Cleopatra has made Anthony her "puppet" "...if it were a matter of being called upon to cavort in some ridiculous dance or cut some erotic caper, Anthony would have no rival – for these are the specialities in which he has trained..."

Didn't use Cleopatra's name but rather called her "queen" - Romans did not use the terms "king" or "queen" as they did not believe that one person should be able to hold such power.

What was even more abhorrent was the thought of being ruled by a woman, hence the use of "queen" – used sarcastically as they would never be ruled by a woman.

It has been said that Caesar would have liked to have been "king" of Rome and that he and Cleopatra were lovers hence she would be the queen and he would be king.   Cleopatra wanted to rule...