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Cleopatra VII

  Cleopatra VII Philopator known to history as Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. It is hard to tell when interest in Cleopatra started. Probably this was due to discoveries in Egypt between XIX and XX century.
  When in XVIII century briefly translated Romans ancients texts ,created a stereotype of Cleopatra as despotic, alluring and ancient femme fatale. We have to remember that all Romans texts about her were written by politicians supporting the policy of Octavian who act against Cleopatra,so they are one-sided biased.

Michelangelo                                                       Gerome                                                     Waterhouse

Cleopatra existed though the centuries in a variety of works like paintings (Michelangelo) and literature (Shakespeare) however XIX and XX centuries, especially paintings of Alma-Tandema ,Gerome, Cabanel or Waterhouse, strengthened her image as sensual, cruelty ruler which prefer to kill yourself than to be dishonoured. Despite the passage of years our impression about Cleopatra has not changed. Movie scripts, theatre performances still continuing reflections about her.

Alma-Tadema                                                                                 Cabanel

Theda Bara                                                           Lilly Langtry

When we are watching theatre performance from 1891 with Lilly Langtry as Cleopatra or movies with Theda Bara (1919), Elizabeth Taylor (1963) or Leonor Varela (1999) we can see...