At the beginning of the passage Plutarch starts describing the differences in Cleopatra and Antony’s relationship ‘Cleopatra ever contributing some fresh delight and charm to Antony’s hours of seriousness or mirth’ (Plutarch, 1968, p.29-30) in this quotation Plutarch is comparing both of them as opposites. Also Plutarch’s view was that Cleopatra ‘kept (....) in constant tutelage’ (Plutarch, 1968, p.29-30) which touches on Cleopatra’s protective and obsessive nature towards Antony. This view of Cleopatra is continued in the next few lines ‘She played at dice with him, drank with him (...) and when by night he would station himself at the doors or windows of the common folk and scoff at those within’ (Plutarch, 1968, p.29-30). I believe that Plutarch believed both Cleopatra and Plutarch were secretive in nature about their relationship, which is described in the following quotes ‘the garb of a serving maiden (...) array himself like a servant’ (Plutarch, 1968, p.29-30). Also the author continues with the lines ‘reaped a harvest of abuse, and often of blows’ here it describes the violence Antony would endure when he played as a servant but it is not mentioned whether Cleopatra is performing the violence on her lover. Plutarch expresses how the town people weren’t fooled by Antony’s disguise ‘most people suspected who he was.’ Like before Plutarch neglects to mention Cleopatra’s disguise which could add to his opinion of Cleopatra’s cunning behaviour.
Plutarch moves on and describes a incident involving Antony trying to impress Cleopatra ‘He was fishing once, and had bad luck, and was vexed at it because Cleopatra was there to see.’ It seems that Plutarch is trying to describe Antony more concerned about impressing Cleopatra then fulfilling his role as Roman Soldier and dominant figure in ancient society.