Clear Hear: Revenue, Cost Concept and Market Structure

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Running Head:   Clear Hear: Revenue, Cost Concept and Market Structure

Clear House -Revenue, Cost Concepts and Market Structure
Crystal Robinson
University of Phoenix-Birmingham Campus
January 11, 2009

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Recommendations to Increase Revenue
With the growing need for mobile operators to rapidly launch new services and applications, and with increasing pressure for device manufacturers to speed time to market of their latest handsets, Mobile Software Management (MSM) promises new opportunities for the mobile ecosystem to increase revenue, create brand loyalty and improve the mobile user experience. Clear Hear should look towards developing a product that is in high demand by the market. The global market intelligence and advisory firms are finding that Mobile Software Management can create new revenue opportunities for mobile operators, device manufacturers and software developers (Newscom, 2009)
Mobile Software Management (MSM)   can offer compelling advantages for the mobile ecosystem with the benefit of additional revenue streams in selling applications, software and services as well as improvements in the user experience of mobile devices. These factors, along with giving consumers greater control over personalizing their mobile phones, can all translate into higher consumer satisfaction, resulting in a more dedicated following in the highly competitive mobile market (Stephen D. Drake, 2009).
While Clear Hear offers a more advance feature model phone, Clear Hear should conduct a market research to make sure these features are desired by the consumers they are marketing to. If the phone has features that the customer doesn’t use, can’t understand how to use or not interested in using, then this will hurt the sales of the model. Customer want purchase a phone they can use or doesn’t appeal to them.

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Studies found that owners who send and receive e-mail and text message alerts, take and send...