Clasroom 1

During my time at primary school I felt I was a valued member of the class, I enjoyed primary school thoroughly and loved every minute of it. Is My opinion I was extremely outgoing and was always happy to help anyone in my class. Sometimes I had issues when things didn't go my way but in the end I managed to resolve them. I would say that I was not very strong academically but I always love the social side of the school and especially playtime and during sports activities. I mainly had two friends in the class and we played together every break and every lunch, I would also spend time with these friends at the weekends so during my primary school days I spent a lot of time with these children. They're still friends to me now and I regularly speak to them and reminisce about primary school activities. As I was coming to the end of primary school the class seem to joint more together as a group and a classroom became very much a team. Four example during break times the whole class would play together and I would see this as a very positive thing during my childhood.

At school I loved drama and sports they were my favourite things and I can arrogantly say that I was very good at these subjects. I I joined in with extra curricular activities such as netball, football and rugby and in years four and five I played for the year six football team which gave me a lot of confidence. My enjoyment was mainly down to my love of sport but i it also think that the teachers played an important role in developing me as a person because of the many social skills that you gained by playing team sports.
Primary school is where you develop your social skills and where
to win and lose and be a team player. During my early primary school years I did not take well to not being in the same group of same team as my best friend.

I always had a good relationship with the sports teachers at school because they seem to understand my passion for playing sports and this is when I was...