Cja 464 Week 2 Dq 1 New

CJA 464 Week 2 DQ 1 NEW
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I find this to be an interesting topic covered in the book. The title alone is somewhat bothersome. If policing is an impossible job, why should anyone try to do it? From my earliest memory, I knew that I wanted to be a police officer. When I think back, I try to figure out why I had this calling. People become police officers for many different reasons, some good and noble and some not. I would like to think that my intentions were of the good and noble sort, but no matter the intent, my expectations of what the job entails was way off. The range of skills that an individual must have to be an effective police officer is quite lengthy. The last thing that our society would tolerate is a Robocop mentality among all police officers (not to say that there are not some, but it is definitely not the majority). One of the most difficult factors of effective policing in some situations is knowing when something is working. For example, if you have two officers and one makes a high number of arrests on his or her beat, while another officer takes part in community programs and has fewer reported crimes on his or her beat, how do you tell who is being more effective?
How do you prove when a crime has been prevented if it is never attempted due to the efforts of an officer or agency? It is far easier to measure numbers of incidents than a lack of incidents.
What are your thoughts about policing as an impossible job? How does this relate to the policy aspect of policing?
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