Civilization essay

by Bella Mosher

I know this essay was supposed to be about many different civilizations, but I'm going to focus on one civilization. Egypt. When needed tie in others for these five categorizes Advanced cities, specialized worker, Complex institutions, Record keeping, and Advanced technology.

In this paragraph I'm going to compared the cities of Tjeku   and Mohenjo-daro. In Egypt they had huge cites like Tjeku. Each city had temples and monuments like the ones Ramses built. In Mohenjo-daro they had baths, in-door plumbing. They also had large temples, along with monuments. In both cities they liked to go to the extreme when it came to the things they built in Egypt it was the monuments, for Mohenjo-daro it was the public baths.

In Egypt they had specialized workers each with there own role to play in the civilization. The top of the social triangle is the pharaoh(s). Then came the priests. Followed by the soldiers. Fourth comes the builders and designers. Next comes merchants. Followed   by the traders. Then lastly the slaves. All civilizations had something similar.

Egypt and grease had complex institutions. In Egypt it was aristocrat hierarchy. In grease it was aristocratic democratic. Both were aristocratic. Also different time periods at the time of Egypt there were very few cities. Trowed the end of Egypt greatness grease was formed.  

Each culture had their own way of keeping records. In Egypt it was hieroglyphics on tablets, temples and tombs. In China the used scrolls. And in Japan they used pictures. This are how some kept records.

In Egypt they had advanced technology. Such as how they built the pyramid. Their boats were advanced because they could with stand the ocean. The way the builders built the temples. Another civilization used the same advanced technology the build stone hedge.

I chose Egypt as my main focus. I compared it to many different civilizations. In these five categorize Advanced cities,...