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Environmental Paper
Duffy Lewis
Env Sci 101

In this age of environmental awareness, one of the most prevalent environmental problems is pollution, particularly air pollution.   Without clean air, human survival is not possible.   Also, air pollution effects the water, food, and our overall health.   Factories and mines are leading contributors to air pollution.   The smog in large cities and the cases of health problems, such as brown lung, are evidence of the poisons that are produced and released into the air.   These factories and the big corporations are not the only contributors.   Private citizens do their share also in polluting the air.   Private consumption from gas grills to oil burning automobiles are the contributions made by private citizens.   Very few Americans do not own an automobile.   Our society and culture almost demand that a person have a car in order to function.   Cycling and walking are rare in comparison to earlier decades when automobiles were not as common.
Identifying a problem and its causes lead to solving a problem.   Cars which do not cleanly burn the gasoline are major air polluters.   Catalytic converters were designed and required to be added to the production of a car in order to improve the gasoline emissions.   However, cars which were made before this regulation are still being driven and therefore continue to pollute.   Also, cars and buses which use diesel gasoline, which is less expensive, emit odorous gases which not only interferes with breathing but also are offensive to the sense of smell.   Smog in the cities have been a concern for many years, but legislation requiring the owners to be responsible for the pollution has been difficult to pass in Congress.   The government goes through phases in which   pollution becomes a issue, and then its importance fades away.   However, the pollution does not fade away; it remains.
Solutions arise when the public is aware of the effects of the pollution and ways that it can...