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Information and Systems
Gentry Davis
14 June 2011
Charles Waller

Information and Systems
Software applications and Information systems are most often by used analysts, journalist, finance, accounting, and a wide range of organizations. The different software applications help companies excel their business by using the network software. The volume of output lets their business flourish and receive a productive company using the software and information systems applications for job proficiency. This allows businesses to function at max capacity based on the system working. Software applications and information systems are essential resources for business establishment and employees to develop and take advantage of the software applications designed.
Different departments such as Marketing and management benefit from the information systems and software applications. Human resources and accounting are small parts of these two software systems used. Accounting keeps ledgers of all transaction flowing through the system, which helps them out with less paperwork and more focus in the job field.
Human resource uses the software applications to record their workers productivity as well as job performances. Human resources are also a tool used to determine the job turnover rate recorded for record. Human resources contribute depending on the software and information systems to make their work a lot easier to do than manual labor. The management has less work to do and increases how effective their company is functioning using these two systems. Continuing to function on the data being processed in and out through the information ports, which are organized in the database lets the systems run smoothly for companies and businesses with a steady flow.
The different Managements also collect data from the software and...