Last year in China, intellectuals and middle class peoples were concerned about the environment and their country’s economic development. They would like to participate in the decision making process. In the past, if there were any social conflicts, the government would try to bribe people that disagreed with them. However, this doesn’t work anymore. The people of China don’t want to sit back and let the government control everything anymore, they want to participate; they want to have a voice.
In China, people are thinking about democracy. They want to make sure that the Chinese government today is able to provide a political foundation and institutional support for the growing economy. The Communist Party of China claims that they have been good for China, as evidenced by their growing middle class and state that China will collapse without them. Others are concerned that history shows communism will eventually fail.   Intellectuals in China think that their economy would be helped by democracy.
Right now, the people in China have growing concerns about their income levels as well as corruption in politics. Senior officials and their children’s families are very wealthy. They seize and sell the lower classes lands. People want equality and integrity from their leaders. China’s one-child policy has caused additional problems. The population is aging quickly, and China needs to provide financing for the benefits and health care of future retirees. There seems to be endless problems.
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