This report is completed from training section about sending Pizza hut management staff to new franchise which is located in China. The main business of Pizza hut is in Beijing, thus the Beijing would be more detailed.
The background information of economic, politic and social culture will be given and analysed. Furthermore how these local situation effect foreign employee’s daily life will be talked about.   The scope of the training section is that help foreign employee adapt to local life as earlier as possible, given this scope of training section, this report will focus on custom of China. Professional management and working skill will be skipped in this time. The scope of this report also represents one of important function of human resource department—measuring the employee and employer’s needs and dealing the staff’s performance (Cater McNamara, 2010). Helping new staff handling new working environment is responsibility of human resource department.
In china, economic keeps increasing in stable pattern. We could look this issue in next pattern.
2.1 Import and export
According to research, the total value of export of china reached 12180.2 us dollar, it increases 25.7 percent in 2007.
The value of import reached 9558 us dollar in the same period, it increased 20.80 percent. And we know, china is one of largest market in the world and it is largest export country as well.
2.2 Inflation
China has problem in inflation for long time (BBC, 2010). And it keeps increase recently. The price of daily product is growing, but income of people did not. The economic expert holds different idea. Some of them think it is normal because china is the largest export country; most of products transfer to overseas, thus price increasing is normal result. Others think that Chinese people are affected by inflation. Income did not improved to the same level with the price of good. And government take emergency measure...