The areas of development I am writing about are cognitive and language development cognitive development are information processing, intelligence, reasoning, language development, and memory. Speech and language are the tools that people use to communicate or share thoughts, ideas, and emotions. . One of the factors that influence children’s development is their genetic makeup or genes. Some people refer to this as nature genes are the genetic material we pass onto our children. Children are born with their genes in place. These genes act like a blueprint for what characteristics a child may have. The other factor that influences child development is the environment. This includes experiences children have in their home, school and community environments. Some people refer to this as nurture the environment can either improve or harm a child's genetic blueprint. According to Tina Bruce “Intellectual and cognitive development (the development of thinking and ideas) cannot be separated from all the other areas of development” (2007, p79) All areas of development are combined and cannot be separated.
Cognitive and language development
Newborn babies developed language skills before they were born they recognized new sounds when they were still in their mother’s womb. The first things a baby uses to communicate with the outside world is smiling, crying and eye contact they smile when the mother does something that a baby likes.   According to Carolyn Meggitt “Babies make eye contact and cry to indicate need” (Meggitt, C 2006, P10) Babies establish eye contact to communicate needs. They cry when they feel unpleasant or want something babies will also show excitement at the sound of approaching voices or footsteps a baby is attentive to sounds made by familiar voices and expresses what they need by crying in different ways. Babies are also beginning to use their voice and smiles when responding to familiar speech and may begin to coo in response to...