Bridges are essential to our lives as we depend on the to overcome obstacles. The two main factors that successful brides require is the design of the bridge and the construction process. The design of the bridge is essential, as it will gather people’s attention making it a centrepiece icon. However, the design of is also essential as it shape will determine the strength of the bridge this is usually done by building models. The construction of a bridge is also essential, as considerations will need to be given about foundations, methods in avoiding corrosion as well as materials and techniques used to construct the bridge. Therefore it is essential for a bridge to have specific design as well as having an appropriate construction method.

By selecting an appropriate design which can be used to over come the obstacles engineers also need to consider the aesthetics of the bridge design, as they would usually want to make the bridge a centrepiece that will stand out. By making the bridge a showpiece bridge, it will allow for the growth of tourism to grow exponentially as people will come from many parts of the earth to witness the bridge. Therefore the design of the bridge is essential as it links to appearances thus enhancing the economy, as the influx of tourism will increase.

The design process of a bridge is essential as it design will need to be strong sturdy and safe. Producing a model of the bridge design the engineers wish to build and putting it under simulations that will be mirrored in the real world usually overcome this. By doing so we would be able to determine where the bridge will fail and increase the strength and allowing us to increase the factor of safety of the bridge. Also by using scale models which can under go imitations of nature we are able also able to design the bridge to be more ergonomic as maintenance can be done easier as well as reducing the use of expensive materials where it is not needed. Hence the design of a bridge is...