Checkpoint International Trade Debate

CheckPoint: International Trade Debate
Tenisha Freston
XECO/ 212
October 3, 2010
Greg Kropkowski

I believe when the United States places high tariffs and uses quotas to restrict trade with foreign countries, it is a benefit to the people of the United States.
      The value of the U.S. dollar is strong when countries are successfully trading products and is greatly weakened when high restrictions prevent trade. When venturing to other countries individuals of the United States would be required to trade more U.S. dollars to compare the visiting country.
      Tariffs are a form of protection for countries. High tariffs and quotas restrict harmful products from entering a country.   Available harmful products found in the United States will be high in price and potentially deter individuals from purchasing these products. A high tariff reduces harmful dumping onto United States land. Harmful dumping could include radioactive material that is harmful to individuals in its vicinity. Another beneficial reason for high tariffs and quotas is it allows United States producers to produce similar products at better rates. Beginner producers are allowed an opportunity to market their product at a competitive price with foreign producers.
      Consumers could complain about the high tariffs and quotas because of a lack of variety in products. Quality products from foreign countries are limited in supply on United States soil and higher in price. Comparable “Made in the USA” products sometimes lack the quality of foreign products. Another reason why tariffs and quotas would hurt the Unites States is that other countries would create the same tariffs and quotas on our products. Importing and exporting is important between all countries. The amount of money available in the United States grows when other countries purchase U.S. products. Lack of exporting and continuous importing will hurt the United States economy.