Checkpoint Acc 220

1. CheckPoint: Create-A-Diet

  * Resource: The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute website ( and Appendix D
  * Review Appendix D.
  * Complete the Create-A-Diet activity.
  * Answer the follow-up questions in Appendix D.
  * Submit Appendix D as an attachment in the Assignments Link.

My diet compared very poorly compared to the recommendations I received from the Food Guide Pyramid. For some food groups, I had less than 1% of the servings recommended. The totals indicated that I never consumed enough of the foods recommended by the Food Guide Pyramid. I need to drink more milk, and eat more fruits and vegetables. I only consumed 0.1 cup of milk compared to the recommended 3 cups. Also, I only consumed 0.9 cup of fruit, compared to the 1.2 cup that I need. Also, I had a low vegetable intake with just 1.2 cup of vegetables compared to the 2.5 cups that I need. With grains and meats and beans, I did better, consuming 4.4 oz of grain, compared to the 6 ounces that I need   and consuming 3 oz of beans and meats, compared to the 5 ounces that I need.

I might modify me diet to get the recommended servings by increasing my intake of milk, vegetables and fruits. Also, I might include other nutritious foods in my diet and eat a balanced diet including more fish, and eating fewer carbohydrates. Some of the nutrient-rich foods that I could add to my daily diet are: fruits and vegetables and whole grain bread to increase fiber.

Three of the items listed in my food diary are hot dog, a banana, and waffles.

Nutrition facts

Labels | Hotdog Serving size:1 cooked hotdog | Banana Serving size:1 medium banana | WafflesServing Size:2 waffles |
Total calories per serving | 280 | 105 | 190 |
Percentage of calories from fat | 150 | 3 | 75 |
Total amount of carbohydrates   | 22 grams | 27 grams | 27 grams |
Total amount of protein | 11 grams | 1 gram | 4 grams |
Total amount of fiber | 1...