Charle from Anything Goes

Character Analysis for Charlie Glover

Charlie is a Minor character in this musical.

Charlie was born on March 10th 1910 (24 years old when the ship sails) to Mr. Brian Glover and Mrs. Jean Glover in Tallahassee, Florida. He was raised there till he was 14, but moved to New York City when his mother was killed by three racist women that she worked with. Charlie and his father Brian became very close and Charlie revealed his dream of becoming a journalist to Brian when he turned 18. Before his 22nd birthday Charlie was working for the Globe American newspaper. Known around the office as the tall, dark, and handsome kid from the south, Charlie quickly became a favorite but because of his skin color the Globe American was afraid to make him a lead reporter for the paper. After 2 years of bad 2nd rate stories and lots of unfair opportunities; Charlie found his scapegoat upon the SS American. Charlies boss Harry James Stooge sent him and followed Charlie to the boat to see if the secret that Reno Sweeney would be aboard was true. After seeing Charlie and his cameraman capture a lot of pictures with some top dogs in NYC such as Elisha J. Whitney and Reno Sweeney; Harry felt that he couldn't allow Charlie to get the rights to those pictures. He felt that if NYC saw that a black man from Florida could get better pictures then him; that he would get laughed out of town. Harry tried to blackmail Charlie into giving up the pictures, but before he could get the pictures Charlie through the camera over board. Charlie was very motivated to escape now and this incident was the final straw. Charlie had a friend who was on board the ship and he managed to get two sailor outfits for Charlie and his camera man Jim. They worked fast and tricked the purser into into believing they were actual sailors on the ship. After convincing the purser; being a sailor wasn't that hard for Charlie. He was surrounded by beautiful women and all the booze he could drink. Before the ship sailed he...