Character Analysis Year of Wonders

Character Analysis
Anna Frith is the story’s narrator and it is through her firsthand account that we experience how the arrival of the plague and subsequent quarantine impact the village’s townspeople. When the story opens in 1665, Anna is a widow of 18 with two young sons. She is a timid, provincial girl with little knowledge of the world outside her tiny rural village. Anna’s life changes dramatically when the plague strikes the village. As Anna grapples with the devastation brought about by the disease and the quarantine, we witness her transformation from a timid housekeeper to a strong young woman who has persevered in the face of extremely challenging circumstances.

Michael Mompellion
Michael Mompellion is the local rector in the village of Eyam. He rides around on a stallion called Anteros. He is very charismatic and a leader through crisis. He is married to Elinor, whose family put him through education. He is very passionate and committed to helping the village through tough times. When the plague strikes Eyam he acts strong and calm trying to do his best to help everyone. He quarantines the whole village to help stopping it from spreading. He steps in to save Mem and Anys Gowdie who were targeted by a gang showing that he is willing to put his body on the line for others. The work load gets tough and he resigns from being the rector. Elinor is murdered by Aphra Bont and Mompellion is looking for support. Anna cares and helps Mompellion and they have an affair in which Mompellion tells Anna the story behind their marriage and Anna doesn’t like what she hears so she leaves him.

Elinor Mompellion
Elinor Mompellion is a quiet and intelligent person. She is very forgiving and reluctant to judge others as she has experienced many different things in her past. She is married to Michael Mompellion. Elinor offers to help people out when people start passing away from the plague and Anna helps her. Elinor acts as a mentor towards Anna recognising...