Change Model for Educational Institute

University of Business and Technology:
    • UB&T was started in 1990 as the Institute of Business Management (BM).
    • Number of students 200
    • Chartered as university in 2004
    • It started its expansion and growth with 400 students in start and Most of the faculty was visiting
    • In 2009 it focuses on hiring faculty as permanent employees of the institute and now it has 180 faculties.
    • It started successful programs like MBA and BBA
    • It also started BBIT which had good results but now it is finished
    ➢ The Job Placement in Market: NO JOBS for students of UB&T
    ➢ There were 3-4 students who were getting jobs in the market
    ➢ If they get jobs, they are been paid not more than 12000-14000PKR
    ➢ Results of BBAH was better as they were getting 17000-21000PKR but if they get jobs.
    ➢ Quality of education is missing that is required to compete in this industry
Actions Taken by UB&T (Change its strategy):
    ➢ UB&T changed its process and there was problem in Strategic Planning
    ➢ Design of study methodology incorrect
    ➢ Tools implementation by its faculty was wrong
    ➢ No Monitoring
    ➢ Implementation process had gaps
  ➢ No monitoring of implementation process
  ➢ Beaurocratic culture
  ➢ Interdepartmental conflicts
  ➢ Negative Politics
  ➢ Wrong use of authority
  ➢ Specific Group dominancy
Change is required:
        a. Building Coordination in Management entities
        b. To improve the quality of education
        c. To survive, sustain its position in market and to compete in industry

Agenda of Change: What to Change?
  ➢ Strategies and its Policies to implement it.
  ➢ Culture of departments as well as of whole institute
  ➢ Beauorocratic system
  ➢ Assigning of job and designation
  ➢ Unethical way of using rights
Agenda of the change team:
Agenda is to bringing the change for the positive results by implementing right...