Challenges and Opportunities New Managers Facewhen Entering an Industry

Challenges and opportunities new managers when entering an industry
In recent times, new managers entering new industries face a lot of opportunities and challenges. Some of the major opportunities and challenges are outlined and discussed extensively in this essay.
A crucial challenge faced by managers today is their ability to interact and form partnerships with international partners and competitors that they mostly don't understand. In most cases, the problem is not the language difference but cultural differences. Nardon, Luciara1 : 2008. These authors proposed two strategies for succeeding which entails developing cultural fluency and developing a global mindset. While both strategies are useful, they suggest that the increasing intensity, time sensitivity, and diversity that characterizes today's global business environment may require a third approach. They candidly refer to it as ‘learning cultures on the fly’. Culture basically means different ways of doing things or the way of life of a group of people. Cultural difference is a major challenge encountered by new managers in industries in the sense that some of the existing managers may have diverse ways of making decisions, interacting with the employees at the lower level. Issues like this might make a new manager find it harder to relate to the existing managers and this may affect in the advancement of the organisation. On the other hand, cultural differences are advantageous to a new manager making his way in an industry, it initiates a platform for them to learn about other cultures which will become a memorable experience for them in their career. When outlining intercultural interaction learning theory, the above mentioned authors proposed a new approach to succeeding abroad, through which personal learning in cross-cultural settings can be facilitated through social learning. In my own opinion, an intercultural interaction is an opportunity for mutual learning in which these managers can both...