Ch.28 Speech

Chapter 28 is what I have been asked to teach you about.   It covers types of speeches such as 1. Impromptu 2. Extemporaneous 3. Manuscript and 4. Memorized. The fist which I mentioned is impromptu. This type of speech is considered spontaneous. This would fall into the category that you are asked to speak about a subject which you are may or may not be prepared to talk about. It occurs in the spur of the moment.   It could be humorous, serious, scary, or factual but the truth of the matter is you would not be ready. If you are ever requested to speak unexpectedly, remember the following four steps: 1. Relax, keep your composure. 2. Approach the topic with a common link to yourself & the subject. 3. Organize your thoughts. Support the pros & cons’s and stay on track. 4. Avoid rambling and start and end with clear thoughts.

The 2nd type of speech is an extemporaneous speech. This is easier than being placed on the spot to talk about something you aren’t prepared for because this time   you have prepared by creating an outline which highlights the important topics but allows you to be creative and flexible in your delivery. You are able to outline your thoughts on the subject so that you have a clear idea of your topic but are not constricted in your deliver but are flexible in your delivery.

You can also be extremely planned in your speech by manuscripting your speeches. This is basically you writing out your entire speech so that there are no mistakes. The downfall is that you can be so prepared that your delivery of this type of speech is boring. You can be perceived as just reading from the speech written in front of you and develop no connection to your audience.

The four type of speech is when you choose to deliver a memorized speech. This time you do not have anything to reference in front of you and must know your subject matter front to back. There is no room for mistakes. If you are required to give a long speech this is not the type of speech I would...