Shall   we mention Cézanne, who, by the way, has his own legend? No know jury has ever, even in its dreams, imagined the possibility of accepting a single work by this painter, who came to the Salon carryings his paintings on this black, like Jesus Christ carrying his cross (‘Prouvaire p126, reprinted in AA100 Reputation, 3. Cézanne, p60 ) Was Cézanne paintings way ahead of this generation of art, was his work too modern for the art critics, was there a misunderstanding of his paintings
The   Impressionism   of the 1870’s was largely of cities, it’s suburbs and rural surroundings, also to achieve visual effects of nature and modern life, showing the appearance of urban & modern life under conditions of light and atmosphere. Cézanne liked to paint landscapes of this birthplace Provence. (Cézanne, AA100, Reputations, 3.6. Painting the landscape p73)
As discussed in the AA100 assignment book p19, We should   compare this painting to a landscape painting by Poussin, reproduced as plate 1.3.21 AA100 illustration book. To get an idea of Cézanne   approach to this painting. We can see these painting are very similar in subject as Harrison explains in p74   (AA100 Reputation) .

First the brushwork in Cézanne’s painting, the paint is not smoothed out, where Poussin, you cannot see the strokes. Cézanne wanted us to see it as a painting, where Poussin’s is like looking out of a glass window into the painting. Viewing   it through a picture plane.
Cézanne had a very interesting use of tone. More black has been used; lighter tones have been used to draw us into the front of the house and the skyline.   But Cézanne uses colours that are not usually associated with the subject, like blue on the house, green on the sky, Poussin use of a darker tone is used at the left side of the painting on the tree, but lightens in the triangle in the front of the painting, the building, water etc.... Where Cézanne’s painting, has no life, we can see Poussin has added people and animals to draw...