Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement Level 3

When the assessing process begins with a new candidate it is the responsibility of the assessor to plan accordingly. This would require the assessor to know what job role the candidate is working in, knowing this will ensure the candidate undertakes the most suitable qualification e.g. a candidate working in a shop would be unable to obtain evidence for a Business Administration qualification but could effectively obtain evidence for a Customer Service qualification. The assessor could also meet with the employer to discuss and requirements they may have.
Once the qualification has been selected the assessor should then decide which level will be most suitable for the candidate based on the job description/duties they undertake. If the learner is on the incorrect level they may struggle to meet all of the criteria stated in the standards of the qualification.
The assessor must prepare accordingly and have the correct information with them to discuss with the candidate. This will help the candidate to understand what is required from them to achieve the qualification. Undertaking a QCF qualification can be very daunting for some people for various reasons, if the assessor is knowledgeable and can answer any questions the candidate may have it will help to build a good working relationship and put the candidate at ease. Agreeing prior to meetings which units/criteria you will be assessing the candidate on will give them time to make notes, gather work product or make arrangements with their supervisor if necessary.