Dear Cleopatra.
You were hit on the head with a very large stone and have lost all your memory. I know this is all very confusing but you are an Egyptian Pharaoh named Cleopatra, you were born in 69 BC in Alexandria, the capital of Egypt. Your father is Ptolemy XII. He was the ruler of Egypt when you were born. You have two younger brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV. You married your younger brother Ptolemy XIII when he was twelve. You also have two older sisters Cleopatra VI and Bernice IV as well as a younger sister, Arsinoe IV. Your father died and left the kingdom to you and your siblings. You came into power after your oldest sisters short reign. Because Cleopatra VI   died as a child and Auletes had Bernice beheaded.   One of your first acts was to become popular with your kingdom, so you learned all about Egyptian culture and the language. You were a strong willed ruler who ruled a manarky government and had many dreams of a greater world empire.
You and Caesar met and fell in love. You have a son with Caesar, Caesarion who was born on June 23, 47 BC. Many people were outraged that   you and Caesar were planning to marry one another, because there are laws against bigamy and marriages to foreigners.   But Caesar was killed by his Senators. Because Caesar was making plans to have himself declared king. After Career's murder, you went back to Rome. Later you met Marc Anthony and you two fell in love. You and him have two twins, a boy and a girl.
Right now Egypt is a huge empire and a prosperous yet poor country. Its poor because most Egyptians are farmers and laborers but it is also prosperous because the land is rich and produces large quantities of food. Egypt relies on the Nile river for just about everything. The banks near the Nile are very fertile land good for growing crops. Also the flooding of the Nile is very predictable so predictable that your calendars actually revolves around it. The Nile is used for trading, because trade boats travel along...