Cause of Extinction

Check Point: Cause of extinction

Check Point: Cause of Extinction
“What is the principle cause of extinction in today’s world?” Humans are the answer to that question. Today’s society is growing in leaps and bounds. Humans are the dominating species. With that we take up and use more natural resources than any other being on earth.   Humans cause pollution that leaks in to natural recourse that causes plants and animals to die.   We over use, over harvests, and over pollute the earth.   We hunt to the point that there is nothing left.   And when we kill off on food source we move on to another.
Humans have become so populated that we have to mass produce food and housing. With that we use trees and chemicals to speed up this process. The more we grow as a population; there are fewer resources we have to keep us going. At some point not only will we have killed ourselves but every other resource as well!
Extinction can be a natural occurrence and was. With the extinction of one species came another. This is no longer so. It takes thousands of years for a new species to develop. Our future as a race is now in limbo. What kind of life will our grandchildren and great grandchildren have? There are so many questions and so few answers. At some point we have to become responsible for what we are doing and take control of the situations before it is to late if it is not already.