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1‘The impact of the media on the perceptions of body image on adolescents’

Community and Family Studies
Year 12
Due Date:
2nd December 2013
Celine Hassan

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This project was associated with body image and the media. There are number of articles that propose that the media plays a big role in the influence of teenage girls see themselves. The reason for this report is to show the impact on the perception of body image on teenage girls and that the media negatively perceives women. The research methods used in this report that were used were both primary and secondary research which was both qualitative and quantitative. It covers appropriate information and evidence concerning the issue of body image. In this report there was an interview on The Tyra Banks that has been taken into account as well.
There was a survey and interview that were used to collect results on the topic. The survey was given online which is easier because the people undertaking the survey are all anonymous. There were 30 people who participated in the survey and they were all between the ages of 12-18. It is an important thing nowadays to be sure to not let things such as the media to lead a person to unhealthy habits leading to eating disorders.  
There can be many influences from the media and peer pressure in a negative way. These influences may lead to poor body image and the perceptions of how adolescents see their bodies. In the results and findings it was evident that many women want to look after their body and do look at the media for advice. Through conducting my research it has come to my...