Cat Cafe - a New Trend Around the World

Cat Cafe - A New Trend Around the World
Case Study Write-Up for Managerial Economics
Prepared by : Li Wenjuan st116140
Lalita Sermtanapatkul st116167
I. Business Background
A cat cafe is a type of coffee shop with a cat theme. They provide
their products and services in a different way from typical coffee shop.
The original idea of this business comes from Taiwan in 1998 and then
they become popular in Japan and spread through out over the world.
This type of business is very successful because they can reach the
customer market easily.
The business owners try to do their business to response creatively
to the customer’s need. They launch this type of creative business by
making use of the scarcity in terms of position and time, and price
targeting in terms of price sensitivity of customers and self-targeting
strategy. Moreover, they use some other strategies to get access to and
maintain their targeting customer.
II. Cat Cafe with the Scarcity
With the increasing number of cat lovers, the trend of drinking
coffee with cats is becoming more and more popular. This creative
business have turned the scarcity of place and time into good

opportunities by doing coffee shop which focusing on the cat theme.
They can meet the needs of the customers who are not able to raise their
own cat. As we can see, this type of business grows up and tends to
expand rapidly.
Nowadays, big cities all over the world are crowded with people
who go to work and live in a hurry lifestyle. There are many limitations
for cat lovers. For example, many apartments in Japan and private
landlords in London do not allow to keep pets in their room, so people
cannot raise pets even though they would like to. Besides, some people
do not have enough time to take care of their pets due to the long-working
hours and traffic congestion in a big city. The lack of money to pay for
the pet cost is one of the reason as well. Furthermore, most people go to
the cat cafe in...