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The end of the session the user may use the Cashback site for shopping.


What are Cashback sites

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cashback sites

Which Cashback site to use

How to use a Cashback site


    ➢ What are Cashback Sites?

These are online reward website which pays you cashback if you do your online shopping through them. They are free to join and very easy to use.

    ➢ What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cashback sites?

    ❖ Advantages

    • Free to join

    • Lots of cashback offers

    • Earn “free money”

    • Donate to charities

    ❖ Disadvantages

    • Payments is usually done by BACs or PayPal

    • Long waiting period for payments e.g. 3 months +

    • Administration fee for new members

    • The transaction can be untracked

    • The risk the merchant may not pass over cashback

    • Not all sites are on the cashback sites

      Which Cashback site to use?

There are quite a lot of Cashback sites around at the moment but I will consider the current top 5 to use.

  1. Quidco

  2. Top Cashback

  3. ipoints

  4. We Promise To

  5. Click Cashback


It charges you an annual £5 administration fee taken from your cashback account once you have earned enough money to pay it. It has a good range of competitive cashback offers. It sends you your cashback on a quarterly basis either by BACS or by PayPal.

Top Cashback

The site does not charge you an annual fee. It has a very good range of online shops where you can earn cashback and there are a few 'free' clicks available. The transactions seem to track well and payment is by PayPal or bank transfer once your purchases are confirmed by the retailer. Payout by cheque also but you must have made £25 confirmed cashback before claiming this.


This site will not pay out your rewards in the form of cash, but points. It has an online...

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