Cases of Brands Leveraging Whatsapp Etc

Cases of brands leveraging Whatsapp etc (Avinash find more)
How brands can use Whatsapp
Absolut Unique was one of the first brand to use WhatsApp into a marketing campaign.   The brand planned an exclusive party in Argentina to launch the new collection and created “Sven,” a personality to be the doorman at the party.   Sven’s important job was to choose lucky ticket entry winners.   In order to communicate with Sven, however, applicants had to use WhatsApp to convince Sven to give them access.   Absolut generated a lead list of 600 potential customers and created buzz around the launch itself.
Chocolate Brand Klik
Israeli chocolate brand Klik wanted to create more brand engagement with teens and recognized that WhatsApp could be a powerful channel.   The brand created a Simon Says game, beginning by asking Facebook fans to add the brand on WhatsApp.   Klik asked fans to do silly tasks like grow a mustache and do funny imitations.   The results spoke (messaged) for themselves, as 2000 teens added the brand on WhatsApp and 91% of them completed tasks in the game.   Overall brand engagement went up 10X.
Whatsapp was used to promote HomeShop18’s recent campaign – #ShoppingMakesMeHappy. It was used as a medium to spread happiness to people on-the-go via amusing memes and jokes of the father-son duo of Billy and Sunny (mascots of HomeShop18), whilst providing offers to consumers as well. The interactive HomeShop18 microsite provided the customers the option of subscribing to entertaining memes, updates on the daily offers (called Caturday sales) and exciting offers weekly via WhatsApp. The campaign was a huge hit, with over 200,000...