Case Analysis of Ford


Ford motors have the history of providing excellent products ranging from small cars to luxurious brands to its customers Ford had secured 25% US automobile market in 1998. In the year 1999 and onwards its market shares where drooped from 25% to 14%. The company was at the verge of collapse. High dept, failed market image operation cost were the some of the issues ford motor was facing. Ford related its market failure with the increase in price of fuel and weak US economy. There were different reviews from other experts like they were not focusing on market trend and consumer preference. They were focusing only on product line and they have increase the operation cost and they lacked communication with the customers and appropriate market research.

General Motors have maintained the largest market share in United States. The company took few strategy wise changes to cope with issues relating to the bad sales and market shares. GM decentralized the decision making process to get the quick decision in time of need. The company revised its marketing goals and devised new marketing plan. It is involved in providing innovative products to consumer with innovative car. GM market shares alone amounted to 60% of the US market with sales of $12 billion
Toyota Motors market sales in 1990 was 7.6% which increased to 12.2% in 2004 which has managed to capture the market Toyota took away US market with low cost automobiles to compete with the market leaders; GM and FORD. It competes to serve different market segment. Toyota products are considered to be efficient as compared to other model in terms of fuel. Toyota has secured large market in US


Ford motors adopted the strategy that allowed it low production cost by cutting all the waste cost involved in its operation. The strategy established cost advantage and gives the company advantage...