Carrer Paper

Event Planner

Event Planner

I. Job Description

II. Schooling
A. High School
B. Postsecondary Training

III. Salary

IV. History

V. Job Outlook

VI. Working Conditions

VII. Benefits

VIII. Related Occupations

I have always wanted to be an event planner, ever since I can remember. Really some people dream of getting married or having lots of money. Not me, I dream of becoming an event planner. It may be odd, but maybe I’m odd. I love to plan parties, organize, and decorate. As long as I have the desire, I can become an event planner.
To be an event planner, someone must have excellent organization skills, the ability to plan projects and events, and the ability to think creatively. An event planner must be able to work well with people, they should be able to pitch in to get a job done. Event planners have a variety of duties depending on their specific title. Planners must have good communication skills and be able to work under pressure (Top Careers for Communications Graduates 115), all of these skills I know I have and will I know I can work hard to archive my dream.
Since there are no courses in high school to really prepare a person. It would be a smart idea to take high school classes in business, English, and speech It also would be a good idea to take a foreign language or two (Top Careers for Communications Graduates 115), A persons creativity is what really can make or break them, so a couple of art classes would help as well.
In post secondary training sometimes a person must have a four year degree to work for some places. They do offer classes in meeting planning but often you must have a major in English, communications, meeting, publications, sales, or travel would all be good fits for this career (Top Careers for Communications Graduates 115).
An event planner’s salary can vary based on the indivual.   Planning could rest around fifty dollars an hour or there could be a flat salary. It is estimated that...