Career Essay

English 101
26 September 2011
Nursing or Psychology?
Nursing and Psychology are two very interesting fields of work that have always captured my attention.   I have given these two career options much thought in the last couple days and there are many questions I had on either one.   Which one would be better for me? Which pays more? Which one is more rewarding overall? Which one is faster and which one would be the most convenient?
When I think of nursing I always think of a scenario out of the show “ER”.   Due to shows such as that one and “Grey’s Anatomy” another favorite of mine I have been fascinated with the thought of a career in nursing.   To me the life of a nurse would be exciting, fast tracked, and laborious but very rewarding since you are working directly with people and always look forward to something different every day.   The idea of helping people heal, and caring for them while sick is very humbling and loving.   The specialty I was most intrigued by was pediatric oncology.   My fears in this would be if I would be strong enough to be in such an environment? How would I cope with the loss of my patients? How would you continue to give hope even when all odds are against the patient? How would you console the families?
On the other hand I have psychology which I also have loved since high school.   The wiring and complexity of the human mind perplexes and excites me in such a way that I can not describe.   I would love to have a career where I would focus on how others comprehend and understand.   My dream would be to counsel and assist children with learning disabilities such as autism.   I think society has a very narrow recollection of information regarding those with autism and I would love to make a difference in not only the lives of my patients but of their families as well, such as how to raise them and what is expected of them throughout their life. The fears and doubts I have towards this career would be how would a general day be in...