Care Relationships

In this essay I will be covering the difficulties that may face those providing and receiving care and how these difficulties can be overcome? Discussing personal, cultural and psychological challenges for family carers and health care professionals.

The person receiving care can face some difficulties in accepting they need to be cared for because they feel like they are loosing the power of control over there selves and daily life this could be over come by building a trustful relationship between the person receiving care and the person giving the care. Also for the person that is giving the care to respect and do there wishes and go find out from there family about the dynamics and routines in there past present of there life and what the person receiving care would like for the plans of there future care needs so the carer can meet all there needs and make the person who is needing the care to feel in control of the future of there care and life.

The person receiving care could also feel a burden and not want to talk about how they feel and   just to say little hints that instigates that they feel like there been a burden in there own house e.g. if the person receiving care is thirsty and can not get up to make a drink if the carer asks them if they would like a drink and they say ‘I don’t want to be a burden on you’ instead of answering yes I would like a cup of tea or no I wouldn’t’t like a cup of tea. This could be overcome if they sat and spoke to the person receiving care and explained that they was not a burden and give them reassurance that you are there to help them in anyway needed and that you don’t mind doing so and make them feel like you are caring for them because you want to not because you have to.

Another reason could be that the person receiving care is male and that he wants a male carer but majority of carers are female and if they couldn’t get a male carer the person receiving care could be non compliant with the carer causing...