Care Always Invovles a Relationship

K101                                                                                                                                                                                 TMA 02
Care always involves a relationship between the person receiving care                                                                               and the person providing care. How does the quality of that relationship                 affect the quality of the care given, as well as the experience of receiving                     care?
There is a large variety of care and care settings in today’s society, all of which will involve a relationship between the care giver and those individuals that are being cared for. The quality of that relationship I believe can deeply impact on the quality of care received and the care given.                                                       In this essay I will describe different care settings that individuals may experience such as primary health care which is free and social care in the home which can be provided by informal careers and care providers which depending on whether certain criteria are met can have an element of cost.. The types of care that can be provided and those people that provide that care. And how other factors such as taking on the sick role, with the associated social, biological and psychological aspects of illness contribute to the care process.

I will also evidence that recognising a need for care, and ensuring and accessing the right support package taking in to consideration social and cultural differences that exist in today’s society, coupled with the changes in the biomedical model over the past forty years, which now advocates a team based approach by professionals .And a partnership between professionals and the service user to promote self-care and awareness. Giving rise to the expert patient whom then may be able to develop skills to effectively take control of their own condition, thus empowering...