"Ring, ring!!" There goes the last bell of the day. Listening to the joyful laughter and screams of the children running down the hall to be dismissed. If there was one thing I knew for sure at that point was, I wasn't one of those "kids" anymore. My life changed forever, I didn't know what I would encounter when I walked through the door at home. My life became a game, all that instilled in me was that it would result in death.

      The doctors explained to my mother that her sister wouldn't live much longer.   We all knew that the cancer completely destroyed her at this point. She reassured the doctors and my mom that her last wish would be t spend her final days at home as they came to an end. As requested, she did got her "final wish". My mom began to get training from the hospital before we brought her home.

      My heart sank as I pulled the door in behind me and the whiff of the six am morning breeze hit my face as I left for school. Not knowing whether or not that was my final goodbye. From the moment I took my seat in homeroom I began to zone out, it started to take a toll on me. Not just on me specifically but on my grades also.

As I pushed open the front door after school I would pray that she would be laying there lifeless on her hospital bed. As "lifeless" as she looked and even though at that point I knew there was no turning back, her presents kept me going. It gave me some type of closure and hope. It startled me that I knew I wouldn't be able to be there when she takes her last breath because I was in school most of the time. I would watch the morphine slowly drop from the saline bag. Deep down it instilled in me that in a few days I wouldn't watch those crystal clear drops of morphine fall. I would be wiping my salted tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. At school I stuffed it all inside until I could got home and release the vapors of anguish.

    As I wait in line to be picked up I see my...